Lab Tested’ Mask Guide Will Win Your Heart and Keep You Safe

At this point in quarantine, no one should really need a reminder of how to properly wear a face mask, but just in case you do need a refresher, an adorable Facebook meme has popped up recently, and it shows the right and wrong ways to don a face mask—with the help of a labrador retriever.

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The top comment on the post makes a beautiful play on words about how helpful the dog is being by showing off mask-etiquette. The person wrote that it was “Lab tested,” which is fitting, because it does seem like the dog is a black lab.

Besides the photo where the dog is wearing a mask the right way, the other photos are still undeniably cute. They feature the dog with the mask in its mouth, over its head, dangling off one ear, resting on its chin and with its nose poking out.

Another commenter said that they would allow the dog inside their home, regardless of whether it was following the proper mask protocol. “But I would let that doggo in my house regardless of its mask,” he wrote, even though he added that his cat would probably disagree.

The picture has received over 3,000 likes on Facebook and has been shared over 157,000 times on the social network. It has also appeared on Twitter. There have also been variations on the meme, like a golden retriever wearing a face mask the wrong way in three pictures and wearing it the right way in the final photo.

Hill isn’t the only person who has shared pictures of a dog wearing a mask. Former Salesforce CEO Keith Block recently tweeted an adorable picture of his dog wearing a mask. It looks bigger than his canine’s face, but the pet’s demonstrating proper mask-etiquette by covering both its mouth and nose.

While they haven’t shared any photos of dogs wearing the masks, the popular Twitter account WeRateDogs has developed its own face mask for people who want to continue to greet dogs while social distancing. It appropriately says “tell your dog i said hi.”